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Navagio beach, Zante, Greece Greek chruch Views of Crete at night Sailing boats in Corfu The Meteora in Trikala
Navagio beach, Zante



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Glamourous Holidays to Greece

Shimmering with Mediterranean charm and sun-soaked beauty, Greece is an enchanting country of cultural abundance. From the breathtaking ancient ruins of this former empire to the glorious sweeps of its endless coastline, the piquant flavours of its world-renowned cuisine to the spirited fun of its big-hearted inhabitants, there is little about this European gem that doesn’t delight and excite.

Greece holidays offer plenty to suit all tastes. The beautiful beaches, caressing the Mediterranean Sea, effortlessly seduce sun-worshippers from all corners of the globe, while culture vultures swarm the famed sites of Athens ancient ruins and food-lovers tuck into a plate of devilishly delicious, sun-warmed olives and tangy blocks of feta. Wherever you wander and relax in this culturally rich land, whether it be an all inclusive hotel or comfy village villa, there is endless scope for discovery.

Beguiling Landscapes

Greece holidays are visited by throngs of travellers throughout the year for an abundance of different reasons. The country’s sprinkling of islands such as Corfu, Rhodes, Santorini and Crete provide glorious scenery, beachside escapes and stunning hotel resorts, whereas the island destinations of Kos and Zante are famed for their buzzing nightlife and party atmosphere. Wherever you choose to stay in Greece, the beach is never out of reach.

If you are keen to sample the world-renowned historical landmarks and ancient ruins that holidays to Greece have to offer, there is no better destination than the beautiful capital city of Athens. Check into a trendy hotel or charmingly traditional guesthouse, and soak up the haunting magic of the Parthenon, sample the tasty local cuisine and explore the true character that runs through the heart of the country.

Ancient Ruins, Brought to Life

On viewing the glorious, sweeping landscapes of majestic mountains, lush, rolling hills and rugged coastline, it is easy to understand the mythology of this naturally beautiful country. Replete with godlike beings and mystical creatures, the Grecian countryside of legend seems to meld effortlessly with its present day splendour. Any lover of the great outdoors is sure to revel in the endless pursuits that Greece’s glorious landscapes afford; wander through mountainous terrain, snorkel and swim among vibrant coral reefs, explore Byzantine pathways or sail away on the breeze on board a Mediterranean boat. On Greece holidays you can explore at your own pace.

Of all the ancient civilisations, Greece seems the most prevalent through any annals of history. From the humble beginnings of the Olympic Games in the Peloponnese to the haunting resonance of outdoor theatre, and the gods and monsters of legend – said to frolic amongst Greece’s sweeping blue skies – to the rambling glory of some of history’s most impressive architecture, all of this can be tasted in the air as you marvel at Athens’ marbled pillars and Delphi’s ornate carvings.

As the sun sets on a day of Grecian exploring, there is no better way to float into the evening than to sample some of the country’s world-famous cuisine. Whether you dig into the earthy flavours of a stuffed vine leaf, the salty pleasure of a fresh block of feta, or the smoky overtones of steaming moussaka, all can be washed down with a glass of traditional ouzo or raki to really put hairs on your chest.

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