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Terrific Holidays to Turkey

With cities that simmer with unstoppable, abounding energy, communities that exude historical pride and cuisine that explodes with flavour, all cradled by panoramic sweeps of stunningly dramatic scenery, Turkey is truly a traveller’s dream. Immerse yourself in one of planet Earth’s most vibrant, diverse lands and discover what makes this glorious country tick.

Whether you seek the sun-kissed luxury of Turkey’s dazzling coastline, Istanbul’s splash of colour, or the rolling hills and mountains of the country’s rural landscapes, Turkey holidays will not disappoint. Discover a culture that simmers with life and delights at every turn – it won’t be long before you are swept along for the ride.

Bustling Cities and Magical Landscapes

Blessed with such an enticing stretch of stunning coastline, Turkey holidays offer beach relaxation like no other. For a sheer slice of luxury, head to beautiful Antalya, nestled in the delicate coastal sweeps of the Turkish Riviera. Offering an abundance of sandy expanses on which to lie back and relax, as well as countless lively resorts and hotel complexes, this is the perfect destination for those looking to chill out and explore, in the most glorious of surroundings.

The Bodrum region is equally as beguiling when it comes to beautiful sweeps of coastline, and offers a wealth of vibrant towns. Check into a Bodrum resort or hotel, and discover Turkey holidays at their most enchanting.

For a coastal experience the traditional way, head to the stunning Dalaman region. Replete with picturesque harbour towns and serving up endless, freshly-caught seafood dishes, holidays in Dalaman offer a slice of tranquillity and endless opportunities for exploration, as well as an excellent selection of guesthouses and hotels.

It is impossible to reference holidays to Turkey without mentioning the sparkling jewel in its crown – the incredible city of Istanbul. Through winding streets of bustling markets, gorgeous curves of ornate mosques and explosions of fragrant incense unfolding among the humming crowds, Istanbul offers all manner of accommodation options, from chic, contemporary hotels to family-fun guesthouses. Check in and check it out!

Historical Charm

To describe and recount Turkey’s diverse patchwork of history is an impossible task. From the luxurious opulence of Ottoman sultans and their monolithic, glittering palaces to the fascinating Byzantine carvings and the countless Roman, Sufi and Lycian influences, there’s a surprise waiting at every turn. With landmarks and sights scattered evenly through this richly spiced country, if you are seeking history and culture, you will certainly find it on a holiday to Turkey.

Such an impressive and varied historical legacy is nothing but apparent in modern day Turkey. The Turks themselves are always keen to delight travellers with many a tale and informative fact about their country’s past, but the cultural mix of the country leaps out from every carved church in the stone chimneys of Cappadocia, each tasty kebab served from countless street-vendors, and every Ottoman palace that grandly lines the horizon of Istanbul.

Aside from Turkey’s intriguing past and the bustle of its modern cities, the country is characterised by the undulating arcs of its distinctive landscapes and natural vistas. With miles of sun-drenched, Aegean coast on which to relax, mystical mountains to explore and ancient ruins to discover, wherever you find yourself on a Turkey holiday, fascination is never far away.

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Currency: Turkish Lira
Local time: GMT (+2)

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